…the basis of my work is triggered by my curiosity of anything you are not able to see, the bigger picture, the patterns behind things that are happening, said, thought and done and have an impact on the little as well as the personal things. On that journey this creates an image in the form of photographs, drawings and paintings. My working- and thinking process is being recorded in journals with images, notes and considerations. This collection is a way of understanding, but also of surprising myself, since processes in my subconscience play a role I would never have imagined. Nature is the mirror of my thoughts. Weekly walks produce the openness and harmony in order to let go of thoughts and words and to discover where my real focus is.

mirian jacobs




Visual artist Mirian Jacobs studied at the College of Arts Artez/AKI in Enschede, the Netherlands. Before that she worked in the trade and industry, in which, apart from setting up and organizing projects, shealso gained a lot of experience in e.g. studio photography, design and printed matter. By attending courses in painting, photography, model drawing, portrait painting and art history, she discovered that this was her real passion. At the AKI she graduated in painting and drawing and she has been working as an autonomous visual artist from her home-based studio ever since. Mirian’s work was shown at the Twente Biënnale2011, ArtSpot Amsterdam, Tetem Enschede, BBK Osnabrück and Kloster Bentlage in Rheine. Apart from this she organizes various projects, among which is “Kunst in de Klas” ( Art in Class) in her hometown. Her interests are broad, getting inspired by nature, society, literature as well as philosophy, mostly working from a concept, in the playground between intuition and reason, the conscience and subconscience, both realistic and abstract, connecting and releasing. Mirian Jacobs is being represented by Bianca Landgraaf Gallery in Laren NH.



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trainings and courses

  • 2015 course ‘Philosophy & Poetry’ by Moes Wagenaar
  • 2011 course of contemporary philosophy at the Institute for Philosophy by Prof.Dr. Henk Procee
  • 2005-2010 ArtEZ/AKI, Academy of Art & Design, bachelor of fine art, core disciplines drawing and painting
  • 1996-2005 various courses in painting, photography, model drawing, portrait painting at Crea in Hengelo
  • Up until 1997 pre-university education and continuation schooling at a university for professional education